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Lear Alone, a solo performance by Wu Hsing-kuo. Contemporary Legend Theatre. Taipei, Taiwan. This experimental Beijing opera adaptation of King Lear was premiered in Paris in 2000 and subsequently staged in Taipei and Hong Kong.

Much Ado About Nothing, directed by YU Luo-sheng, Shanghai People's Art Theatre Company, November 16, 1995, under the Proletarian Heroes' Monument in the Huangpu Park in Shanghai, China.
Richard III, directed by LIN Zhaohua, Beijing People's Art Theatre Company, Beijing, China, 2001: a modern costume spoken drama production to be showcased at our event.
Lear with Regan, in King Liguang, a Cantonese opera adaptation of King Lear, directed by YOU Shengpu, script by LUO Jiaying, at the Shatiang Hall, Hong Kong, July, 2002.

A digital poster for Maori Merchant of Venice, a film directed by Don Selwyn, He Taonga Films Ltd.

Othello and Desdemona, from a Bengali production of Othello (Calcutta, 1919)
Chinese Yue opera Hamlet, directed by SU Leci, Shanghai Yueju Theatre Company (1994): The Closet Scene.
Kathakali King Lear at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London; directed by Annete Leday (1999 poster). Kathakali King Lear at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (1999)
Kaliyattam: the Play of God, a film adaptation of Othello, directed by Rajasekharan Jayaram Nair, from Kerala, India (1997)
A Japanese adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream,Teruya Daichi studio performance, 2000.
Yukio Ninagawa's Pericles at the National Theatre in London (2003)
Yukio Ninagawa's Macbeth, 1980
Yukio Ninagawa's Hamlet (1995)
Tadashi Suzuki's intercultural Macbeth (from the play bill)

Three witches in a Kannada Macbeth directed K.V. Akshara (1987)
The King and the Fool in Maharaja Yashwant Rao, a Hindi adaptation of
King Lear directed by Amal Allana in1989.
A pan-Asian adaptation of Lear, conceived and directed by the internationally renowned Singapore director, Ong Keng Sen.

Regan orders Kent into the stocks in Ong's pan-Asian Lear.

search: hamlet inside Kronborg Castle, Denmark
Kingdom of Desire, a Peking Opera adaptation of Macbeth, directed by Wu Hsing-kuo (Taipei, 1987)
From Filippino Macbeth directed by Josefina Estrella (1995)