Bar Version

1. Opening Frame

A framing device is common amongst contemporary directors in staging Shakespeare. With this opening frame, Deguchi provides a context for the play proper. The conflict between Oberon and Titania as well as between Theseus and Hippolita, Bottom's isolation from the other mechanicals and Helena's cold treatment by Demetrius are all played out in a bar. Like School 1. Opening Frame, this opening frame provides a contemporary situation within which to set the play in motion. The frame also provides a key to Deguchi's interpretation of MND, an interpretation which is fully disclosed only by the reinvocation of the Frame at the play's ending (Bar 50. Closing Dance). By setting the play in a bar with "hostesses", Deguchi tries to present contemporary equivalents for sexual fantasy and the fairies of MND.

See also: Mask 1. Beginning

A Midsummer Night's Dream