Bar Version

2. Elizabethan Posture

Theseus sits on a chair, whilst Lysander and Hermia kneel before him in a sort of "Elizabethan" or western manner. When compared with the patrons and "hostesses" still sitting around in the bar and watching them, Hermia and Lysander may seem out of place kneeling on the floor. Yet it should be noted that, along with Philostrate, Hermia had been sitting at a table among the other bar patrons at the beginning of the play proper. Both have been summoned into the play-action at a signal (a snap of the fingers) from Puck-Barman. Note that Puck/barman is squatting on the bar, as if watching actors "acting". The lovers' quaint way of kneeling, then, works to distinguish the world of the play from the world of the bar.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream