School Version

1. Opening Frame

Darkness, silence. Under a faint pool of light, a lone man flips through a book in front of assembled objects, drops book in despair, and buries head in hands. Footsteps. Two women pass by under a faint light. The man watches them go, lights a cigarette, lies back. Quiet, slow, sad music.

A boy in school uniform enters behind man. Wings sprout from his satchel. He walks round man, who sits up, and follows. They embrace. Boy leads man faster and faster in a circle to increasingly loud and festive music.

After man's exit, boy returns to his entry point, raises his arms to each side (to 'usher in' Theseus and Hippolyta), kneels, and Shakespeare's play begins.

To better appreciate this Frame, see the School Closing Frame sequences (School 41. Director's Story and School 49. Puck's epilogue).

To appreciate Deguchi's use of framing devices in general, see also the Bar opening (Bar 1. Opening Frame) and closing (Bar 50. Closing Dance) sequences and Mask opening (Mask 1. Court and white masks ) and closing (Mask 46. Actors unmasked) sequences.

A Midsummer Night's Dream