School Version

2. Fairy Dance

This schoolgirl "Fairy Dance" seems to 'illustrate' Theseus' lines in the Caption Box, though the fairies' mini skirts are as improbably short as their legs are long and their movements suggestive. The mode appears to hover between realism and fantasy. The music too is tantalising, a jazzy, disco-like rearrangement of a wartime "swing" tune. (During the Allied Occupation, swing became popular in postwar Japan)

At the opening of the dance, with the fairies in a line downstage, a schoolmistress-like fairy in a long demure dress is seen upstage pushing a tennis marker-trolley in a circle where Puck and the man in black have been. A white powder circle is inscribed. On its completion, the fairy dance moves inside the circle.

In the course of the play, this circle becomes even more deeply imbued with meaning: by the circling movements of the actors, by its echo of other motifs such as moonlight, and by the fact that it becomes literally stamped out by the passage of many feet.

A Midsummer Night's Dream